Friday, August 9, 2013

India responds to the suggestions made by DGHS regarding bans on singles/foreigners accessing surrogacy services.

It is hopeful to see the actual architects of the original and current version of the ART Bill having a discussion and debate on the suggestions made by the DGHS. There is nothing like actually hearing about content from the people who wrote it.

This version is consistent with what we have all been hearing over the last few months. It is 18 minutes long, but well worth watching.

This gives me hope...


  1. Crossing fingers that all will work out. Just a waiting game now.

  2. News from Mumbai is that NGOs are very strong and very well funded (dollars) and if provoked will go to any extreme. Some clinics are using their agents to get on good terms with the NGO even hailing her as Mother Teresa (when did Mother Teresa say that single women or men parents will sell baby body parts?). A calm mind should previal at this time, this will pass. The truth is out there. Surrogacy is a boon for parents and the surrogate family and this cannot be denied.