Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Max & Lily 33 months and growing fast...

It has been lovely to catch up with our SCI family and the bigger kids. My generation of kids are now starting to turn 3 which is mind blowing.

Some, have kindly pointed out that they want to see photos of Max & Lily, so here they are, our big kids...

They both continue to grow, thriving spending  time with their extended family and friends. I love watching them both learn the social niceties, answering the door, making sure people have drinks, sharing food. Knowing who will slip them a treat, either a prime piece of roast as the meat is being cut, or an extra bit of mango and who to cosy up to.

Their language development is phenomenal, watching them put language together never gets boring. Max is still are laid back chap, but when he decided he wants something a particular way, he becomes very determined, as a consequence there have few episodes of watching the clock. Lily is still loud and opinionated, still loves to read her books and her language is more developed than Max's, as has her ability to say NO thanks!

Max will happily play trains and cars, encouraging anyone who comes close to play with him. Lily still needs to odd bit of quiet time, sitting in the stolen cat basket in the bay window, looking out at the world.

32/33 months is very much 'myself' time; i will put on my shoes, myself; i will eat by 'myself; i will draw by 'myself'; i will brush my cats 'myself; i will get dressed 'myself. When it is not 'myself' time, it is 'i help', so i get helped brushing my hair, choosing clothes and we get helped doing the washing, putting away the shopping or feeding the cats.

Carrots ( however they come, but roasted is best), peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumber, baked fish and roast lamb are favourite foods, as are mangos, apples and strawberries. Joeycakes ( chocolate cakes) and Auntie Helen's cup cakes are pretty good

At the moment puzzles and art are just the best things in the world and we must do both every day. Thank goodness Christmas is coming up and we have a need for more decorations and cards galore.


  1. What a beautiful family you have and your stories about their learning curve make me want to fast forward time so I can meet my twins and begin our journey as a family. Xx

  2. OMG they have grown since I last saw them in April!....Absolutely gorgeous children